Fabian Hinsenkamp

Greetings 👋

I'm Fabian Hinsenkamp, a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft , based in the vibrant city of Berlin, the tech hub in the heart of Europe. Over the years, I've gathered a wealth of experience and knowledge that's pivotal for anyone aiming to carve out a successful path into this competitive field.

At the heart of my philosophy lies a fundamental belief: a career in Big Tech is within everyone's reach! unlocking The knowledge required isn't a closely guarded secret; it's accessible. Yet, the journey to understanding and applying this knowledge is where many talented individuals find themselves at a crossroads. The challenge isn't the complexity of the concepts, but discovering the method of learning that aligns with your unique way of thinking and assimilating information.

This realization motivates me every day. I've seen too many bright minds lose their way or surrender their dreams, not due to a lack of capability, but because they hadn't found an efficient preparation strategy. It's a situation that can derail consistency, diminish hope, and ultimately, obstruct success.

My mission is to change that narrative. Through personalized coaching, we explore various approaches to learning, tailoring our strategies to fit what resonates most with you.Your journey to Big Tech should not be a solitary struggle.

Together, we'll navigate the complexities, celebrate the breakthroughs, and, most importantly, discover the learning path that empowers you to achieve consistent progress and realize your full potential.

If you share this belief and are ready to explore a tailored approach to unlocking your Big Tech career, I invite you to join us. Let's transform your aspiration into achievement.

Dare to believe in your potential. Let’s embark on this journey together.