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Fabian Hinsenkamp

Greetings, future big tech engineers! 👋 I'm Fabian Hinsenkamp, a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, based in the vibrant city of Berlin, the tech hub in the heart of Europe.

I firmly believe that a career in Big Tech is achievable for anyone. Nevertheless, I've seen many bright minds lose their way or surrender their dreams, not due to a lack of capability, but because they hadn't found an efficient preparation strategy.

My mission is to help you overcome this hurdle ensuring that the journey towards mastering Big Tech interviews feels less like a hurdle and more like a natural step forward.

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Aspiring Big Tech Engineers

Embark on a transformative journey into Big Tech with my tailored courses and personal coaching. Unlock your potential in algorithms and system design to shine in the interviews.

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Keep your skills sharp with our latest industry insights and interview prep. Stay competitive and interview-ready with my expert guidance.

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